Winter driving can be hazardous, with snow-covered roads, icy patches, and reduced visibility to contend with. To ensure your safety on the road during challenging conditions by equipping your vehicle with the right brand of winter tire, is crucial.

Michelin, an awarded tire brand with a legacy dating back to 1889, offers a range of high-quality tires designed to provide the traction, handling, and control needed to navigate winter roads with confidence. 

We’ll not only explore the importance of winter tires but also delve into the specifics of various Michelin winter tire models. Whether you’re driving a sedan, coupe, or sports car, Michelin has a solution designed to meet your needs.

Michelin Tires – Quick Overview of This Award-Winning Tire Brand

Michelin, a name synonymous with tire innovation and excellence since its founding in 1889, has been trusted by generations of drivers. Today, it stands as a go-to brand in the U.S. and across the world. 

The Michelin winter tire lineup is a testament to more than a century of engineering excellence and showcases a range of features tailored to excel in winter season temperatures, snow-covered roads, and icy conditions.

Michelin’s dedication to quality and performance has earned them the prestigious title of the most-awarded tire brand in the United States. Since its founding, Michelin tires have consistently outperformed the competition thanks to their cutting-edge tread patterns and rubber compounds that enable you to embrace winter driving fully.

Our Range of Michelin Winter Tires

Whether you’re looking for a Michelin winter tire for your icy commute or a snowy adventure, this highly awarded tire brand has consistently delivered superior-quality tires that meet the challenges of cold-weather driving for ultimate winter confidence.

Michelin Alpin A4 ZP

Top three features

🎈 Run flat technology.

🌧️ Wet traction.

🛑 Stopping power.

The control offered by the Michelin Alpin A4 ZP on snow and ice is nothing short of remarkable. 

Thanks to MICHELIN® 3D StabiliGrip technology, the Michelin Alpin tire’s winter capabilities instill a sense of confidence as you navigate winter terrain. But it’s not just about control—it’s about excelling in every aspect of winter driving. 

In addition to its exceptional winter performance, the Michelin Alpin tire features run flat technology—which Michelin calls their Zero Pressure (or ZP) technology. 

Whether you’re dealing with snow, ice, or rain, this is a tire designed for maximum mobility and safety, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4


Top three features

❄️ Winter snow and ice.

🌧️ Wet traction.

🛑 Stopping power.

The tread design of the Michelin Alpin A4 ZP delivers the brand’s signature pilot performance handling with a 10% improvement in snow acceleration achieved by optimized performance even in the harshest conditions.

The patented Helio Compound™ from Michelin ensures these tires remain flexible in frigid temperatures. This flexibility translates into stopping distances that are over 5% shorter on snow, ice, and wet roads, which gives you the peace of mind you need when braking on slippery surfaces.

The Michelin Alpin tire’s winter capabilities include optimal wear resistance that outlasts many of its competitors. The combination of a new tread rubber formula and full-depth sipes ensures these tires are designed for maximum mobility, without compromising on longevity. 

You won’t find yourself having to replace them after just one season, which makes them a reliable choice for many winters to come.

Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 N-Spec

Top three features

❄️ Winter snow and ice.

🚘 Designed for Porsches.

🌧️ Wet traction.

It comes as no surprise that the world’s most awarded tire brand designs tires for one of the world’s most coveted vehicle brands. The Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4 N-Spec is a tire that allows you to experience the full thrill of your Porsche even when the snow starts falling.

The secret to its winter performance lies in its full silica-based, sunflower oil-enriched Helio Compound™ tread rubber. This patented compound from Michelin remains flexible in the coldest temperatures and delivers exceptional traction on slush and snowy surfaces. 

While the Pilot Alpin PA4 N-Spec is built for winter performance, it doesn’t compromise on other essential aspects and boasts low rolling resistance that enhances your Porsche’s fuel economy. 

The tire’s internal structure is equally impressive, with twin steel belts reinforced by Michelin’s FAZ technology. This technology incorporates spirally wound filaments of polyester cord under the tread to ensure stability, handling, high-speed capability, and comfort.

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5

Top three features

✅ Snow platform indicators.

🛑 Stopping power.

❄️ Winter snow and ice.

Designed to meet the needs of those who demand peak performance from their vehicles—even in winter conditions—this tire is a perfect example of why Michelin is such an awarded tire brand.

This high-performance tire is all about conquering snow and ice with precision and poise. Its specialized winter-focused compound is carefully molded into a highly siped directional tread pattern, which is an optimized feature designed to keep you in control. It delivers excellent braking performance on snow-covered roads, which enhances safety for you and your loved ones.

To proactively keep you safe, Michelin has ingeniously incorporated snow platform indicators into the tread grooves. These indicators serve as a visual cue that lets you know when the tire’s deep snow traction may be reduced. 

While the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 is primed to tackle winter’s worst, it also exhibits excellent control and precision on wet roads. Whether you’re navigating winter highways or dealing with rain-soaked streets, this tire has your back.

Michelin X-Ice SNOW

Top three features

❄️ Winter snow and ice.

🌧️ Wet traction.

🌿 Fuel efficiency.

Winter presents countless challenges, from icy roads to heavy snowfall, and drivers need a tire that can handle it all while maintaining performance. Look no further than the Michelin X-Ice SNOW, a tire carefully engineered to provide maximum mobility and safety.

At the heart of the Michelin X-Ice SNOW tire’s capability is the FleX-Ice™ 2.0 compound. By incorporating inclusion technology, it generates micro-roughness on the tread surface, which significantly improves its grip on both snow and ice. This high-silica compound maintains flexibility even in severe cold to ensure your tires stay responsive when temperatures plummet.

Michelin X-Ice SNOW tires aren’t just about performance, they also optimize fuel efficiency and comfort. Engineered with these factors in mind, they provide a comfortable and efficient ride so you can fully embrace winter driving.

Understanding Winter Tires: Why You Need Them

Winter tires—often called snow tires—play a crucial role in staying safe on the road during the winter season. So let’s explore why these tires are a game-changer for winter driving.

These tires are a specialized type of tire designed to provide optimal performance and safety in cold weather conditions, particularly during winter months. If you’re from a state with a more moderate climate, you’re likely accustomed to using all-season tires throughout the year—but those won’t cut it in Utah’s extreme winter conditions.

The key differences between winter and all-season tires

You might be wondering, “Why can’t I simply stick with my regular tires year-round?” That’s a valid question, and the answers we give below will help you understand why winter tires are worth it.

Rubber compound

The rubber used in all-season tires isn’t optimized for extreme cold. When the temperature drops, all-season tires tend to lose grip and become less effective at providing traction.  

Winter tires are constructed with a rubber compound that remains flexible even in freezing temperatures. This allows the tire to maintain exceptional grip on the road, which provides better traction on cold, icy, and snowy surfaces.

Tread pattern

The tread patterns on all-season tires are less aggressive and lack the deep grooves and sipes that make winter tires so effective. 

Winter tires sport sipes and distinct patterns that are engineered to bite into snow and slush. This biting action enhances traction and control, which makes winter driving safer and more manageable.


All-season tires aren’t equipped to handle the intense braking and cornering forces that winter driving demands. Winter tires offer better control and shorter stopping distances that reduce the risk of accidents.

The benefits of using winter tires

So, why should you consider making the switch for winter road conditions? Here’s a rundown of the benefits:

Improved safety

Winter tires are all about keeping you safe. Their exceptional grip on snow and ice means better control and shorter stopping distances.

Better handling

Has it ever felt as if your car has a mind of its own on slippery roads? Winter tires provide the responsiveness and control you need to navigate winter roads with confidence.

Longer tire life 

While you might think that winter tires wear out quickly, they’re actually designed to excel in cold conditions; therefore, they’re typically used less frequenty, which extends their lifespan. Furthermore, using them only during the winter months also means your other tires last longer.

Ultimate winter confidence

It’s reassuring to know that you’re well-prepared for whatever winter throws your way. Winter tires give you that peace of mind, which in turn makes you a more confident (and therefore safer) driver.

Where Each Customer Is Family: Get Michelin Tires from Burt Brothers

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Experience the Burt Brothers difference and trust us to take care of your vehicle just like family. Get your Michelin winter tires from us and drive with confidence, knowing you’re backed by a legacy of excellence and a solid commitment to your safety.

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