Millions of Americans will be traveling to visit family and friends over the Thanksgiving holiday. Thanksgiving is a time for reuniting with loved ones who are living or working in different parts of the country. As people venture out, many will be traveling by car.

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

(Pixabay / xenostral)

The following are some tips to keep your Thanksgiving automobile travel safe:

  • Oil and filters – If your car is due for an oil and filter change, make sure to have it serviced before a long trip. You can avoid other repairs when your engine has clean oil and filters.
  • Tires – Check the condition of your tires before embarking on your trip. Make sure that you have adequate tread for the miles ahead. Inspect the pressure of your tires, and make sure that it complies with the manufacturer’s recommendations. A tire that is either underinflated or overinflated will not be safe to drive, as it can lose traction. Have your tires serviced at a Utah tire shop before your Thanksgiving road trip. If you expect to be driving on a snowy or icy road, get winter tires or snow tires for your trip.
  • Spark plugs – Spark plugs help your engine function efficiently. If your spark plugs are old, replace them before you embark on a long drive. Good spark plugs will also result in fuel efficiency. Replacing them before you venture out will minimize the risk of stalling in the middle of your trip.
  • Headlights – Proper visibility is essential when driving in winter conditions. Poor headlights will reduce your visibility on a snowy or rainy night. Have your car lighting system thoroughly inspected before you head out for the holiday.

Thanksgiving will be far more enjoyable if you travel safely. Visit one of our tire stores or auto repair shops center to make sure your car is fit for the drive ahead.