Super Bowl LII is almost here. Just as in years past, companies will roll out their best advertisements for this all-important game. Advertisers use various themes, from humor to women’s rights, to capture the audience’s attention. Carmakers are no exception, reserving their television ads for this granddaddy of American sporting events.

Super Bowl car ads

(Pixabay / coltsfan)

The following are some of the most popular Super Bowl car ads:

  • Audi – The automaker’s “Daughter” commercial promoted the Audi 2018 S5 Sportback vehicle. It showed a girl driving a cart in a soapbox derby. Listeners then heard a voice over from the girl’s father asking himself what to tell his daughter. The idea was that despite the girl’s skills and intelligence, she could be regarded as a second-class citizen because of her gender. The ad was a bold statement on gender equality.
  • Fiat Chrysler – Through the years, this car company has surprised audiences with its memorable Super Bowl ads. In 2011, the company featured Eminem in a two-minute ad. Subsequent years’ ads featured Clint Eastwood, Paul Harvey, Oprah and Bob Dylan. Last year, the automaker introduced Alfa Romeo to the American public, with its “Riding Dragons” commercial that invoked youthful dreams and heroism.
  • Ford – Ford’s “Go Further” commercial showed people stuck in different locations – on a roof, a ski lift, a boat in the middle of a lake. As the audience scrambled to figure out where the ad was leading, a Ford truck showed up to rescue a Toyota Camry that was stuck in the snow. Touché.
  • Hyundai – This 90-second ad was shown at the end of the big game. It opened with a flyover of a U.S. military installation, then featured three soldiers who were watching the Super Bowl. With the use of 360-degree cameras, the soldiers were able to see and talk to their families throughout the game. The ad was a patriotic reminder of the sacrifices of our military servicemen and women.

As Super Bowl LII approaches, expect more innovative advertisements from leading companies, including the top automakers.