Summer unofficially begins with Memorial Day and ends with Labor Day. In this interval, families often crisscross the country, seeing scenic parks and visiting family and friends in distant states.

Summer Car Care Tips

(Pixabay / DariuszSankowski)

Travel can be challenging during the warm months of summer, so be sure to take good care of your car if want to enjoy your summer vacation. The tires take the brunt of summer travel, so it is important to have them checked. Visit a Utah tire store before you start your long-distance trip.

Make sure to tend to these additional details before you venture out on the road:

  • Coolant system – Top your coolant off and inspect the coolant reservoir and hoses for any leaks. You can check the firmness of the cooling hoses by squeezing them periodically. They need to be replaced if they feel soft and squishy.
  • Engine belts – Engines need to be in top condition before you start a long trip. The engine belts could become loose, break, or simply deteriorate through years of use. Replace the belt when you observe any cracks or missing pieces.
  • Wipers – You may not be worried about your wipers in summer, but regardless of the season, you are still likely to encounter rain. Your wipers might leave streaks when they are worn out, which will affect your vision as you drive. Replacing them is not expensive.
  • Essential fluids – Regularly check your engine oil and brake fluids as well as your power steering and windshield-wiper fluids. Your car can deplete these liquids quickly the more you drive.
  • Air-conditioning system – This is essential, especially during summer. Check the system for leaking Freon, which can harm the environment.
  • Air filter – Replace your air filter the moment winter is over. Decomposing leaves could clog your drainage or the air filter of your car. Also check your cabin filtration system, including your pollen filters.
  • Tires – You don’t have to go on long summer trips to check your tires. You should examine them periodically throughout the year. Ensure that your tire pressure matches the optimal pressure specified in the car’s manual. Make sure that the treads are free of any nails, stones, and other debris that could damage the tires. Ensure that your tread depth is within the recommended limits.
  • Dashboard sunshade – Make sure to bring a sunshade to protect your dashboard when your car is parked outside. Also include sunshades for the rear windows as protection for your passengers.
  • Clean the car – Driving will be unsafe if your windows are dirty, reducing your visibility. Make sure to clean the inside and outside of your automobile.

To make sure your vehicle is functioning optimally and to extend the life of your tires, Utah offers a broad selection of reputable, professional auto repair shops. Schedule a checkup before you hit the road.