Carrying a spare tire in your vehicle can save you stress when you suffer from a flat tire while driving. The spare tire is your insurance, which will come in handy when you need it most. The spare tire in your car must be of good quality and in sound condition.

Spare Tire Importance

(Pixabay / JordanHoliday)

There are times when you can remedy a flat tire by simply pumping in more air. Many drivers carry portable air pumps to restore proper tire pressure when the flat is caused by a minor air leak. This will allow the driver to get the car to the nearest repair shop. But if the problem is more serious, such as a puncture on the tire, the only remedy is to change the tire. If you have a spare tire that is in good condition, you can easily switch out the tire.

There’s nothing worse than having a flat tire and discovering that your spare tire is deflated, too. Thus, it’s imperative to check on your spare periodically to make sure that it stays in good condition. At times, the pressure of the spare is affected by the changing season. Remember to check your spare tire’s pressure before you even attempt to replace a flat tire.

Spare tires are to be used only on a temporary basis, and the car must be driven at a reduced speed. Spare tires do not generally have much traction and must not be driven for more than 50 miles. After replacing your flat tire with your spare, you should drive to the nearest tire shop to have your flat tire fixed and re-installed.

If you have a relatively new car, it may not have come equipped with a spare. Rather, it may have the following features:

  • Run-flat tires – This kind of tire allows the driver to continue traveling for a limited distance after losing air. The walls of run-flat tires have reinforced sidewalls or internal support rings to allow the tires to carry the vehicle’s weight after getting a puncture. You can travel from 10 to 50 miles with deflated run-flat tires.
  • Self-sealing tires – These tires have a lining with a special sealant coating inside. When a sharp object pierces the tire, the sealant will surround the hole. When the sharp object is removed, the sealant will fill the area.
  • Inflator kits – Similar to aerosol seal kits, inflator kits provide a temporary fix for minor punctures.

Since the majority of cars on the road are still equipped with spare tires, drivers must be vigilant in ensuring that their spares are in good condition in case of emergency.