A lot is expected from your vehicle’s tires because they support the weight of the car and all of its passengers and cargo. You depend on them to deliver you from point A to point B regardless of the weather conditions. Unfortunately, even the most durable and high-performing tires won’t last forever.

Tire Warranties Really Help

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Tires are supposed to hold up for several years, depending on how frequently you drive and how well you take care of them. Accidents, such as a puncture or blow-out, sometimes compromise tires unexpectedly, which necessitates purchasing a new one before you had anticipated. Tires today are not cheap, so it is common for drivers to stretch each tire’s lifespan to the maximum.

When you purchase a tire or a set of tires, there is usually a warranty on them. Tire warranties protect consumers from paying the full price of a new tire if their current tire has a defect. Tire manufacturers offer different types of warranties on the tires they sell.

Mileage Warranty

The usual tire mileage warranty ranges from four to six years from the date of purchase depending on the manufacturer. The mileage warranty guarantees that your tires will last for a certain number of years or miles before they become worn out. If your tire wears out before reaching the predetermined number of years or mileage, you can receive a pro-rated refund that is determined by the difference between the miles guaranteed by the manufacturer and the miles actually delivered.

Before you rush out to claim your warranty, there are conditions you must meet before you are eligible for a refund. You will need to show documentation that your tires were rotated on a regular basis per the manufacturer’s recommendation. The tires must also have an even wear and be on their final 2/32nds of tread.

Workmanship and Materials Warranty

This warranty covers the tires for up to six years from the date of purchase. The protection is limited to defects or issues stemming from quality or materials of the tires. You can make a refund claim if you can show that your tires have an unusual condition that did not originate from vehicle or maintenance issues.

Limited Road Hazard Warranty

Not every manufacturer offers this type of warranty, but some extend protection for tires that were damaged by road hazards, usually for the first year after purchase or the first 2/32nds of treat life.

Uniformity warranty

This type of warranty covers a tire that causes excessive ride disturbance or vibration within the first year of use. Most manufacturers grant the warranty on only one or two tires.

The Best Tire Warranty

Different manufacturers offer different types of tire warranties. It is important that you shop around to see your options. In addition, look for a tire shop that offers a tire warranty on top of the one given by the manufacturer. At Burt Brothers Tire and Service, we provide some of the best tire warranties in Utah plus the best rebates and incentives year round, so check out our options before you purchase.