When Ron and Wendel Burt opened their first tire shop in Bountiful, there were very few days off—maybe one or two a month. We’d like to pay tribute to Ron and Wendel’s wives, Leslie and Debbie, who put up with the exhausting schedules, supported the company, cheered its growth all along the way, and did the hard work of helping to raise us—the second generation of Burt Brothers. As the “next generation brothers,” we run this excellent company known for its peerless customer care and products/services thanks to their sacrifices.

Today, our spouses often borrow this phrase from Leslie and Debbie: “I’ll see you when I see you.” It was their watch phrase during those long, taxing years when the company was getting off the ground, and they were somehow managing to stay composed and maintain their sense of humor.

March is Women’s History Month, and we want to pause and say thanks to all of the women who have helped our company grow through the years and who continue to do so. That starts with our customers. A few years ago, Real Simple magazine, in conjunction with Goodyear tires, conducted a study about the role of female consumers in the automobile sector. They found that 65% of car and tire/snow tire purchases are now driven by women.

Another study from Cars.com showed that:

  • 62% of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. are purchased by women
  • Women influenced more than 85% of all car purchases

Women are a juggernaut in this industry, and we are grateful for our female customers. They are smart in their purchases, proactive in doing their research and not afraid to ask questions. We know that our female customers are daughters, sisters, workers, spouses and parents juggling many demands on their time. We remain committed to understanding their wants and needs and meeting those to the best of our ability.

We are also very proud of the women who keep Burt Brothers afloat as valued employees. We’d like to highlight just a few:

Burt Brothers employees

Pictured, left to right: Burt Brothers employees, Erin Braund, Noelle Stewart, Shannon Nez, Peggy Loomis.


Noelle Stewart, Director of National Accounts and Assistant Manager. Noelle is the heart and soul of our warehouse operations. This became more evident than ever earlier in the pandemic. COVID-19 spread through our warehouse workforce, but Noelle remained healthy and strong. She single-handedly held the warehouse operations together for about three weeks until her co-workers were able to return to work. Noelle has eight years of experience in the auto industry and joined the Burt Brothers team five years ago. She knows our business backward and forward, ensures that national account tickets are collected on, and keeps our 12 stores supplied with all of the tires that they need.


Women Behind Utah Tire Stores

Pictured: Andrea Duvall


Andrea Duvall, Sales Associate (Highland Tire Store). Andrea joined our team two years ago, bringing a robust knowledge of the automotive industry, thanks to her mechanic father. He taught her to love and understand cars and instilled in her a killer work ethic. Our customers benefit from her upbringing, as she passes on her expansive knowledge of cars to help Utah drivers know what type of tires they need for optimal performance and safety. Customers consistently tell us how Andrea has gone above and beyond to help them. She currently leads the company in Burt Brothers Card applications and sales. #GirlPower

Erin Braund, Warehouse Driver. Like Andrea, Erin is the daughter of a mechanic father, and her childhood was steeped in all things car-related. When it came time to get a job, Erin’s interests drew her toward the automobile industry. She started out busting tires (dismounting, balancing, rotating, etc.) and then joined Burt Brothers three years ago as a Warehouse Driver. She’ll tell you that she “loves her route” delivering tires to select Utah dealerships, and her enthusiasm is contagious. Our customers have come to associate her with a big smile, and we always get rave reviews from our dealership customers about her commitment to customer service.

We are grateful for all the women who help keep Burt Brothers at its best, to include our family members, customers and employees. Women’s History Month was created to celebrate the way women have spoken up, challenged expectations and changed the course of history. We know that our history at Burt Brothers has been shaped, in large part, by the influence of many courageous, capable and committed women.