Living in Utah, we’re lucky to enjoy four distinct seasons. We have refreshing springs, warm summers, crisp falls, and white, snowy winters. Utah really does get the best of all seasons. But that variety in our seasons isn’t always kind to our vehicles or tires. Many people think that all-season tires are suitable for year-round use, but in Utah and the other Rocky Mountain states, that just isn’t the case. All-season tires aren’t designed to function well in the extreme differences between summer and winter we experience. Winter tires have tread that is designed specifically for driving in snowy, icy, and cold conditions. They are made of soft rubber that stays soft even in freezing temperatures and helps maintain traction in winter weather. Tests show that cars with winter tires stop 30-40% sooner on snow, ice, or cold pavement than cars with all-season tires. Simply put, having a set of winter tires on your vehicle will not only extend the life of your summer tires, it will help keep you and your family safe on the road all year long.

Performance Tires VS. All-Season Tires VS. Winter Tires
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