We all get distracted by the latest gadgets.  But when you try to balance budget and functionality, what auto accessories matter? We polled the industry and here are four expert opinions.

Lauren Fix

Lauren Fix

Lauren Fix is a nationally recognized automotive expert, media guest, journalist, author, keynote speaker and television host. A trusted automotive expert, Lauren provides an insider’s perspective on a wide range of automotive topics, energy and safety issues for both the auto industry and consumers. Her analysis is honest and straightforward.

When purchasing our mode of excess or you always want something that makes your life easier. Here are three items I highly suggest:

  1. An emergency kit that also includes LED light flares, jump starter, a tire inflation product, first aid kit, zip ties and duck tape,
  2. Weather tech floor mats. It may be a brand but it absolutely is the best product out there and they fit. Every vehicle I’ve ever owned has them.
  3. “The Bag Fix” – Keep your purse, eggs, berries, bottles of wine and those plastic bags off the floor. It’s the best way to get things home safely. TheBagFix.com

Dashcams are little cameras mounted on the windscreen that record what the driver see’s. These can literally be a life saver, not only for proving to your insurance company what you said happened, actually happened, but if your stopped or investigated by the Police. A camera never lies and it’s an honest representation of what happened and what the driver could see.

Tyre Pressure Monitors
Nobody likes having a flat tyre and we all know that over inflated or under inflated tyres cause our tyres to wear much quicker than if they were correctly inflated, which means we get less miles for our money. Tyre pressure monitors are a great way to help make sure those tyre pressures are correctly inflated. Whilst most new cars are coming with some system fitted, there are some high quality systems which are so incredibly simple to fit starting at just £25 from GearBest. Nobody likes getting their hands dirty, so this is a great way to check those tyre pressures remotely and keep those hands clean.

Handpresso Coffee Maker
Yep, you read that right, a handpresso coffee maker. Our working days start as soon as we get in our cars and for many our cars are our offices. But why should good coffee be the preserve of those in towns or offices? Well now it’s not. Handpresso works with ground coffee and coffee pods and plugs in to your cars 12v power supply. Whilst this unit is pretty pricey at £136 (~$177 USD), it won’t be long before other coffee machine manufacturers cotton on to this trend and start making more reasonably priced units.

Nicholas Smith

Nicholas Smith

I’m Nick, the founder and CEO of CompareNewTyres.com, a tyre price comparison website. The business was setup five years ago with a simple aim, to save car owners time and money when searching for new car tyres. Aside from trying to help car owners find the best deal for them, I’m also a lover of all things petrol and internal combustion.

Will Craig

Will Craig

Managing Director of LeaseFetcher – the UK’s only dedicated car leasing comparison website. www.leasefetcher.co.uk

Mobile phones are excellent Sat Nav substitutes but when you’re looking for directions, driving with your phone in your hand is a definite no-no. Driving with your car sliding all over your dashboard or on your passenger seat is also a no-no.

If you should have any accessory for your car, it should be an air-vent mount for your phone. This handy contraption firmly attaches to the air vent in your car and holds your phone on tightly with a strong magnet. It can be easily moved to face the direction you need it to so you can keep track of the road map without worry!

Worth it

  • Rubber floor mats
  • Truck bed covers
  • Car seat covers
  • Phone dash holder
  • Running boards (larger trucks)
  • Sun shades

Not worth it

  • Car bras
  • Navigation systems (use your phone)
  • Custom grills
  • Expensive rims
  • Spoilers

When buying a new car, avoid the markup on the latest/greatest feature(s). (Remember when a CD changer was an upgrade? What about Bluetooth, or satellite radio?) It’s the manufacturers’ job to entice you with technology and shiny objects, so waiting for the car to age a bit often allows features like USB ports to become more standard.

Valerie Coleman

A longtime car expert at 5miles (and previously with AutoTrader)

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