Replacing your brakes could be both expensive and time consuming. It is important, therefore, that you take care of your brakes in order to prolong their life. Depending on your driving habits, your brakes can last a long time or wear out quickly.

Prolong the Life of Car Brakes

(Pixabay / Designbymickey)

The following are some of the steps you could take if you want to prolong the life of your brakes:

  • Don’t speed and brake – Driving at highway speed and braking hard is a killer to your brakes. Braking from a speed of 65 mph causes significantly more wear and tear than braking from 55 mph. Brakes work by turning energy into heat, and they wear down through the process of stopping the car.
  • Don’t use the left foot on the brake pedal – Some drivers use both their feet in driving – the right foot on the gas pedal and the left foot on the brake pedal. In the process, they may step slightly on the brake pedal and the gas pedal at the same time. This will cause brakes to wear out faster.
  • Be a coaster – You can coast instead of braking. If you know that you need to stop at a certain distance, you can simply take your foot off the gas and coast. By the time you ultimately need to brake, you’ll do it from a lower threshold.
  • Watch out for “go slow” areas – Remember to slow down on road bends or when driving down hills. Many drivers unnecessarily brake in those areas, but if you anticipate them, you can coast into them rather than braking hard.
  • Look up and save – Look far ahead in order to see traffic backing up or stoplights. Knowing when you need to stop will allow you to reduce your speed before reaching a critical point.
  • Don’t join in – Many drivers step on their brakes reactively just because the guy in front of them did. When other drivers are braking, reduce your speed and step on your brakes only when necessary.
  • Lose some weight – Not you—your car. Braking is harder when your vehicle carries too much weight. Try to reduce your car’s load in order to brake more easily.
  • Flush your brake fluids – Brake fluids must be changed periodically. Flushing your brake fluids will help your brake system work more efficiently.
  • Use the right brakes – You cannot buy the cheapest brakes and expect them to last. You often get what you pay for when it comes to car parts. Ask your mechanic about the most reliable brake options for your car.

Taking care of your brakes will save you both time and money and, most importantly of all, help ensure safe driving.