You may have pulled out your mop and broom to get your home squeaky clean, but don’t neglect your car. And while a nice, deep clean of the interior of your car is important, don’t neglect the inner workings of the car. What’s under the hood may need a tune-up now that the cold days of winter have passed.

Car spring cleaning

(Pixabay / autowelt2014)

If you’re handy, you can do the check-up on your own. Otherwise, take your car to the shop for a spring checkup of the following:

  • Air filter – If you have put off changing the air filter for a while, invest in a new one now. Replacing the air filter will improve the performance and the fuel economy of your car.
  • Cabin filter – Old cabin filters can cause the inside of your car to smell stale. Replacing the filter will bring a fresh scent just in time for spring.
  • Wipers – Check your wiper blades for any cracks, chips, or signs of age. Pour some water on your windshield and run your wipers to ensure that they are thoroughly clearing moisture away without leaving any gaps or streaks. If they aren’t functioning well, consider replacing your wiper blades.
  • Ignition – For older cars with distributors and spark plugs, check for cracks, arching, or damaged wires. In addition, check the coil packs to make sure they fit snugly onto your engine’s spark plugs. Replace problematic plugs.
  • Hoses – Check the hoses leading to the radiator and the coolant transmission lines for cracks, leaks, or sign of age. In addition, check the other lines that regulate or control different functions in the car. Replace anything that shows signs of damage.
  • Tires – Check for irregularities in tire tread. Look for bulges, cracks, sign of age, and other deformities on the sidewalls of the tires. Bring your car to the car shop for tire rotation and alignment. Make sure that the tires are in top condition for spring and summer driving.
  • Battery – Starting your engine during the frigid days of winter is hard on your battery and charging system. High-precipitation weather can also contribute to battery corrosion. Have a technician check your battery and charging system for any problems.
  • Radiator check – Bring your radiator system in for a pressure test. Make sure the technician flushes the coolant and adds fresh coolant. Replacing your coolant each year will save your radiator from the damages brought on by dirt and rust corrosion.
  • Headlights – Check to make sure your headlights are working. Also, check the headlight covers. Clean and buff them if they are dirty or cloudy.

You can head into spring feeling organized and unburdened when you know your car is well-maintained and ready for spring and summer travel.