To keep your car in top shape, it is critical to regularly change the oil and oil filter. The car’s engine is made of different moving parts, which must be properly lubricated to prevent overall engine damage. To let your oil changes slide is to compromise the life of your vehicle.

oil change importance

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Make it a regular habit to change your vehicle’s engine oil and filter. Check your car’s owner’s manual to find out how often the manufacturers recommend this all-important maintenance procedure. Depending on the brand and the model of the car, oil should be changed every six months to one year or from 3,000 to 10,000 miles. (Refer to your owner’s manual for definitive mileage as each vehicle may vary.)

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of changing your oil as recommended:

  • Maintains engine lubrication – The engine has many parts that are moving at high speed, creating heat that will wear down the engine if there is no proper oil lubrication. Engine oil lubricates each of the moving parts to minimize friction, production of heat, and wear and tear. Your car’s manual will tell you the grade and specific weight of engine oil that you need. Make sure that you maintain the recommended volume of oil in your engine.
  • Cools engine components – The friction of the moving parts creates heat that will eventually break down the engine. Proper lubrication with the right engine oil prevents friction and reduces the heat in the engine.
  • Removes particles and sludge –You can prolong the life of your vehicle’s engine by keeping it clean. Over time, dirt will accumulate and corrode the engine, decreasing its lifespan. Engine oil, after some time, will break down and become sludge, which will also damage the engine. Changing oil regularly will keep your car’s engine clean for a longer life.
  • Improves gas mileage – Too much friction from the engine parts will result in increased fuel consumption. When the engine parts are properly lubricated, they move smoothly and use less fuel.
  • Keeps vehicles alive longer – A dirty engine will not function properly. It will consume more fuel but produce less power. Over time, a dirty engine will break down. You can prolong the lifespan of your automobile by keeping the engine clean. One way to do this is through regular oil changes.

It doesn’t take long or cost much to get an oil change, but this vital maintenance procedure will save you money and headaches down the line.