In the 1980s, Goodyear introduced a different breed of tire inspired by Formula One racing tires. The design of the new tire was radically different than the standard passenger car version of the day. The new iteration had a low profile but stiff sidewall, steel belts covered by nylon caps, and large tread blocks for a dry-traction grip. The tire earned a new V sidewall rating, which meant that it would stay intact at speeds up to 149 mph. With that, the high-performance tire was introduced to the American driving public.

Performance Tires Right for Car

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Several manufacturers introduced the high-performance tires, or their variants, on the cars they produced. The wide use of the new tires resulted in new speed ratings such as “H” for speed up to 130 mph, “S” for 112 mph, and “Z” for over 149 mph.

Drivers loved the high-performance tires because they allowed for better handling, steering, cornering, and stopping. They also matched the newest anti-lock brake technology.

Not everyone was fully satisfied, however. They complained of stiffer rides and felt that the tires wore out too fast. They also had misgivings about the price. Regular passenger tires at that time cost about $160 for a four-tire set, but the high-performance tires reached up to $700 per set.

Taking the lead from the first high-performance tires produced by Goodyear, other tire manufacturers began developing their own iterations, giving rise to touring, ultra-high performance, cosmetic performance, and touring performance tires. Many types of vehicles, including family minivans, began to come equipped with performance tires to improve safety, comfort and engine efficiency.

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