June is National Safety Month and a prime time to raise awareness about essential issues that affect our well-being on a day-to-day basis. We all need to be cognizant of measures we can take to reduce injuries. It’s also important to share that information in order to help others be safe as well.

Emergency Must-Haves for Car

(Pixabay / amilalakmal)

Drivers should be prepared for emergencies when traveling. Since nobody knows when an emergency will strike, it is critical that every driver has key tools and gadgets in their car just in case.

If you are planning to venture out this summer, make sure to arm your car with some vital items:

  • Jumper cables – These are essential when you travel because you do not know when you will have a problem with your battery. With jumper cables, another car can give you power to start and recharge your battery. Don’t skimp on jumper cables and alligator clips. Make sure that they have heavy duty cable and copper clips.
  • Flashlight – Every driver needs a flashlight. It will help you if you need to change tires or fix something under the hood when it is dark.
  • Jack/tire iron – If you have a flat tire in the middle of your trip, you will not be able to change it without a jack and tire iron. Keep them in your trunk at all times. You can buy quality jacks and tire irons in any Utah tire shop or Utah auto repair shop. Make sure that your jack is always in good working condition. Otherwise your car will just be carrying around useless weight.
  • Spare tire – Unless your car has run-flat tires, you will need a spare if you get a flat tire during your trip.
  • Simple tool kit – You should have the basic tools to fix minor problems in your car, such as replacing the battery or tightening screws. It will be ideal to have a wrench set, a pair of pliers, a socket set, screwdrivers and electrical tape. A tire pressure gauge and extra fuses will be important, too.
  • Fire extinguisher – Have you ever seen a burning car on the side of the road? You can stop and help if you have a fire extinguisher in your car. You should also be prepared if a fire ignites in your own vehicle.
  • Emergency signaling devices or markers – These are vital for when your car stalls on a dark highway. You will need to warn approaching vehicles of your presence to avoid an accident.
  • Extra food and water – In case your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, make sure you have something to quench your hunger and thirst.
  • Blanket – Blankets are essential for staying warm when it is cold or treating accident victims who are in shock. If your space in the car is limited, bring a small space blanket made of foil.
  • Rescue tools – These can be used to escape from your vehicle in the event your car is submerged in water. They can also help you free accident victims who have been trapped in their vehicles.
  • Knife or multi-tool – Just like a flashlight, a good knife is indispensable to keep on hand.

Want survival insurance? Prepare now to be ready for different emergency situations.