Most car crashes are caused by human error. While no motorist plans on getting into a crash while driving, accidents do happen—even to the most vigilant drivers. While some collisions are unavoidable, others can be prevented.

Minimize Risk for Car Accidents

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Here are a few ways to minimize your risk of getting in an accident:

  • Stay alert – We live in an age of multi-tasking, but it’s important to focus exclusively on driving when you are behind the wheel. Trying to engage in other activities while driving, such as eating or applying makeup, will slow down your response time when you need to act. Be constantly aware of the road conditions and the vehicles around you. If you start to feel drowsy, pull of the road and take a cat nap before proceeding.
  • Leave adequate space – Allowing for a cushion between you and the car ahead will ensure that you have ample time to brake if you need to make a sudden stop. Follow the general rule of keeping a distance of a car length between you and the next motorist for every 10 miles an hour of speed you are driving. That means that if you are going 60 mph, there should be at least six car distances in front of you.
  • Avoid distractions – With the proliferation of mobile devices, there are plenty of pursuits to sidetrack drivers. Never check your text messages on your phone nor reply to the messages when you are in the driver’s seat. Keep your hands on the wheel. No message is worth jeopardizing your safety for.
  • Adjust to the weather and road conditions – Be aware of the limitations of your car during bad weather. When the road is wet, it will take longer for your car to stop. When it is foggy, allow for extra distance between you and the car in front of you.
  • Communicate with other drivers – Use your signals to communicate with the other drivers on the road. Leaving a blinker on or forgetting to use it could cause a car accident.
  • Be a defensive driver – Keep an eye out for erratic driving. While you may drive defensively, do not expect others to do the same.

You can also head off accidents by ensuring that your tires are in good condition. Summer is blowout season, so be extra cautious. Tires in Utah get plenty of wear and tear on rough roads and in extreme weather. Take your car to the nearest Utah tire store for regular checkups.