Are you experiencing car problems? Maybe your engine is misfiring, stalling or is difficult to rev up. Perhaps your car gets poor mileage or has failed an emissions test. If so, it’s time for an engine inspection and tune-up.

Car Due for a Tune-up

(Pixabay / Devolk)

To be sure that the problems with the engine are tune-up related, you should take close note of your car’s performance. When you go to an automobile repair shop, the mechanic will ask how the car is running. As the driver of the car, you should keenly observe how your engine behaves in different conditions and circumstances. Take note of every unusual sound that you hear when your car is running. Your observations can help the mechanic understand what might be going wrong with the car.

As you pay close attention to your car’s operations, watch for these telltale signs that it needs professional help:

  • Harmful engine deposits – If your engine feels less powerful, it may have gunk and grime on its internal surfaces. These can be caused by low-quality or contaminated gasoline. You can remedy this problem by using a gas tank additive or taking your car to the automotive repair shop for a fuel system cleanup.
  • Soiled air filters – When air filters get dirty, the car engine will experience a steady loss of performance. You will notice it becoming harder and harder for your car to accelerate.
  • Engine misfires – Misfiring occurs when the spark plugs ignite at the wrong time. This could be due to spark plugs that are past their prime. Most spark plugs last 100,000 miles.
  • Defunct oxygen sensor – If your car is quite old, the oxygen sensor may be inefficient, and you may need a replacement. Your sensor may be just good enough to keep the check engine light from turning on, but that doesn’t mean it’s fully functioning. It could still be waning and crippling your fuel economy in the process.
  • Check engine light – If this sensor lights up, don’t ignore it. It may indicate serious problems with your vehicle’s engine.

You’re the expert on your car because you drive it every day. When you take your automobile to the mechanic, make sure to explain exactly what is amiss with its performance. This will help the professionals make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.