If you have a hot date in the works for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to make sure that your car will enhance—not detract—from your plans. You may be heading out for a fancy dinner, a show, or a concert. The evening will become memorable—and not in good ways—if your car breaks down on the way to your destination.

Car Ready for Valentines Day

(Pixabay / Nietjuh)

You can spiff your car up with a few decorations—you might scatter a few rose petals or use window markers to draw hearts on the glass. Clean your car thoroughly, inside and out. If it doesn’t smell good, deodorize it. You can also purchase a car air freshener.

Minimize your chances of getting a flat tire by checking your car’s tire pressure before you head out. You may have checked pressure levels recently, but a number of factors, including the temperature outdoors, can put stress on tires and change their pressure levels.

Be sure to look at the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that your pressure is at the right levels. Underinflated tires could make for a bumpy and uncomfortable ride. A flat tire could spell disaster. Imagine lying on the road in your finest clothing as you change your tire. You can find the manufacturer’s specifications for tire pressure in the owner’s manual or in the doorjamb on the driver’s side of the car.

Be sure to check the tread of your tires. You could suffer a tire blowout or lose your ability to brake effectively when your tread is low. One easy way to test your tread is with a penny. Insert the penny into the tread with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing upside down and toward you. If you can see all of the former president’s head, you have a problem. This indicates that your tread has fallen below 2/32 inch and is in the “danger zone.” You will need to purchase new tires.

You can keep your tires in top shape all year round by having them rotated regularly. (Most manufacturers suggest a rotation every 5,000 miles.) You should also make sure that your wheels are properly aligned


You can have a date any time of the year but when you do it on February 14, it seems to be more special and more romantic. But, what if, your tires suddenly break out and you won’t be able to come on time for the date you’ve been so excited about. Don’t worry, this infographic will help out.

Don’t Let Tire Problems Get in the Way this Valentine’s Day [infographic]